For the past year, we have been pushing our customers to move to our latest and greatest version of the MeasureSquare desktop software. We know that the process hasn’t been seamless, and change is always difficult, so we thought we’d share some of the best reasons to move forward with new things.

#5. Cloud Based Project Sync and License Management Across All Devices

One of the biggest pain points we have seen in the older vesions is the struggle with managnig licensing across devices. In the newest edition, we have resolved this. Because all licenses are hosted on the MeasureSquare Cloud, you can revoke licenses from one laptop and use it on another simply by logging of the program or logging onto the device you wish to use it on.

As well, the Cloud allows you to sync all saved projects and databases as a backup, in case something happens to your computer. You can also share those projects and databases with other members of your estimation and sales team by email or through group settings (talk to our sales team about setting up group licensing for your company).

#4. Estimation By Installation Phases

You asked, and we delivered. After many of our customers asked us for the ability to estimate by installation phases, we have been able to give that function. It amkes it easier for you to streamline your process and formulate a more comprehensive bid package and worksheet.

#3. Insert Random Tile Patterns By Percentage

Another major request we have gotten is the ability to create random tile patterns within the program, without having to manually change tiles on the takeoff. The latest version of the desktop software now allows you to assign a random tile pattern by setting the percentage of the different tiles used in the takeoff. As you can see in the image above, you will be able to create unique tile patterns without spending large amounts of time manually adding different tiles to create the patterns yourself.

Here, you can see how percentages can be assigned and adjusted for creating the optimal tile pattern.

#2. Snap to Existing Walls to Autocomplete Rooms

Another major timesaver in the program is the ability to snap the wall of a room you are drawing to the wall of an existing room to complete the room. As you are drawing room in the takeoff, if you start at the corner of an existing room and draw walls counterclockwise, the software will detect when the room intersect with the previously drawn room and will create a pink guideline for the remaining wall.

If this guideline matches the shape of the wall to complete the room, you can right-click to confirm. If not, you can ignore it and continue drawing. This function will continue to save a ton of time in the drawing process, allowing you to get down to the business of the rest of the product assignment and estimating process much sooner.

#1. Enhanced 3D View of Projects

One final bell and whistle is the enhanced 3D view of your completed takeoff. In this updated view, the walls have transparency, which allows you to view the product assignments from multiple angles. It also allows you to display room dimensions, wall stack height, tile texture, and tile pattern positions. This leads to a comprehensive and professional display to presnt to customers, as you work to secure bids.

If any of this sounds exciting to you and will make your takeoff estimation process easier, give our sales team a call today! They can help you with the transition and upgrade process. Simply call 1-626-683-9188 and press 1. Someone will be ready to answer all your questions regarding the transition process.