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Commonly asked questions

Here is the detailed guide on the reasons and steps for migrating to the latest Measure Square 8 system.
  • 100% Commercial Contract Flooring: Select the Measure Square 8 Commercial Windows platform.
  • 50%-80% Retail & The Remaining Is Commercial: Select the Mobile platform for your retail division and the Desktop platform for the commercial division.
  • 100% Retail Flooring: Select the Measure Square Mobile platform or a combination that includes the Desktop platform.

Measure Square Mobile is available on the major mobile platforms: Apple iOS and Google Android. It has been on Apple iOS iPad/iPhone since 2015 with thousands of users.
As for the Android version, it has recently been released. So if you already have Android devices (phones or tablets) and choose to stay with them, you will expect to see frequent updates over the next few months.

Absolutely. A laser meter can be paired with a mobile device through blue tooth so measured sizes are transferred wirelessly into the Measure Square mobile app after each measurement. This makes the measurement process fast and accurate.

Two major brands (Leica Disto and Bosch GLM) are supported.
Leica Disto models: The list prices are $149 (E7100i), $99 (D1) and $199 (D2). These devices can be purchased online at or from a software partner, including us.
Bosch laser models: The list prices are $150 (GLM 50 C) and $243 (GLM 100 C), available at local Lowe’s or Home Depot stores.
The main difference among all these models is the laser ranges. But keep in mind that even the cheaper ones measure up to 165 feet (Bosch GLM 50C, for example).

The Mobile Retail edition is mostly for onsite measurement and residential flooring jobs. Although, it does work for multi-family and new construction jobs as well. As for the Mobile Multi-family edition, it is only needed if you receive a floorplan PDF or image photo files (.png, jpg) from your builders or contractors.
In other words, this is if you like to import plan files into a mobile device and then do the take off of rooms by tracing areas to capture the flooring areas. You can then continue on to the rest of the work like on the Mobile Retail edition. So it is a replacement for you having to go for an onsite measurement. As another use scenario, once the takeoff on the plan is completed, it can be used for onsite verification.

Yes, when field reps have done onsite measurements, job files can be synced to the Measure Square Cloud. Office workers can open and edit these projects instantly with the Measure Square desktop edition.
This software enables you to fine tune seam layouts, generate estimates or sales orders (which can be emailed to customers), and print out work orders attached to floor seam plans and cutsheets for installers. So the workflow continues in a more streamlined way instead of having to wait for field reps to turn in the hand drawings.

Yes, one advantage of the Measure Square desktop edition is to create, edit and manage product catalogs for a group of company users. Product catalogs can be configured to be read-only or editable by the admin user of the company.
In the case of at home shopping, a field rep can modify product prices but this applies to a specific job only — not to a catalog.

Desktop Multi-family edition is more for multi-family flooring contractors or dealers who bid on multi-unit new construction or light commercial projects with features such as unit multiplication, estimate by unit, etc.
Desktop Commercial edition is for commercial flooring contractors who bid on larger commercial flooring takeoff and estimating with more advanced takeoff estimating features: such as batch PDF plan import, roll and dyelot allocation, estimating by installation phasing, randomized tile layout etc.
You can upgrade or downgrade from one edition to another to match your need.

Yes. You may download a fully functional trial version and try it out for 15 days. You can do this by going to the Product menu of this website and select the Mobile or Desktop product page.
After you install the program, start it up and click on Sign-Up Trial and you will then need to create a Measure Square ID. This will be the email address you want associated with your account and licenses. Once you have created an account, be sure to check your email to confirm your ID and login. Now the program is ready for a 15-day trial.

Contact our sales team by email or phone ( or, 1-626-683-9188 Press 1 for Sales, M-F 7-5pm, Pacific Time) to get licenses assigned to your account. Please include your company name and account information.
Regarding the License Activation:
For the Desktop edition, start the program and then go to the File menu and click on the Measure Square ID & License option. A window will pop up, prompting you to start a trial or purchase. Click the License Manage button at the top right of the window. A new window will pop up with a list of license IDs and names. Make sure to select the license that matches the ID for the license assigned. Select Activate for that license.
As for the Mobile edition, start the program and click the Account icon. Then tap the Subscription option to find the license info. An assigned license will be activated automatically if a trial license has expired.

Find The Product Fit For Your Measure Estimating Needs

To avoid commonly encountered mistakes when making a product selection, you need to consider several key aspects of your business process, equipment and personnel.

Top five factors of your business impacting product selection

  • Business type: Commercial, Retail or Multifamily or a combination
  • Existing estimating process: Onsite measure, plan takeoff, or both
  • Current hardware platform: Windows PC/laptop/tablet based, Mac/iOS, or both
  • Accounting/inventory management system: QuickBooks or trade specific
  • Staff participants and skill sets: estimators, sales reps, or both