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MeasureSquare CRM

Not just another general CRM. MeasureSquare CRM grows your contract flooring business by streamlining your takeoff estimating, sales bid & job costing operations in One-Stop.

No more double entries among a dozen apps or search for job cost data in Excel files everywhere. M2 CRM enables sales team, estimators, office & PMs, and field installers to collaborate their workflow with centralized measurement and estimating data, product order info & jobsite information.

– Track your project leads, with project plans and MeasureSquare takeoff diagrams

– Bid/quote accurately and efficiently directly from estimating data and vendor pricing tracking

– Manage installation schedules, job costing (SOV) with real time profitability tracking


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Business Types: Mid-to-large size flooring contractors & retailers.

Intended Users:  Sales managers/reps, estimators, project managers, office administrators, installation managers, and CFOs/CPAs

Platform: Any web browser on desktop and mobile devices.

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Unique Features of MeasureSquare CRM

Streamline your Measure Estimating Process with MeasureSquare Integrated.

Manage your project bids, takeoff estimating projects, project documents and workflow with all the teams on the same page.

Web access to diagrams, product qty and plan drawing

Easily access your MeasureSquare diagrams, estimate data over the web. Edit measurement, drawing and product layout, and create quote, PO, WO and invoice on the fly.

Quote directly from MeasureSquare diagram, vendor catalogs and customer contacts

Easily create quote with accurate product catalog pricing, and MeasureSquare estimating data, attach diagram drawings to present professional quote, track customer openings and signature to close sales faster.

Track sales/bid pipelines

Easily tailor CRM to suit you, without any development help. Edit project stages, add as many columns as you'd like, manage multiple pipelines at once, and more.

Centralize Project Documents & Communication

Communicate efficiently with your teams and client contacts by integrating your email, calendar, contact, account, project documents, product spec and catalog, vendor info. Automatically log sent emails, keep track of interactions, and use personalized email templates to save you time.

Installation Scheduling with automated Work Order and install diagrams.

Easily manage installer crews and installation schedules, work orders with job installation diagrams.

Vendor Price Request Automation & Tracking

Track product pricing requests for commercial projects with vendor reps by auto populated email with product SKU and qty. Track the price expiration dates and confirmations.

Create Bid directly from takeoff diagram

Easily create professional commercial bids with MeasureSquare takeoff estimating data, with custom bid formats and labor costs pulled from the vendor catalogs.

Automated Schedule of Value (SOV) creation and tracking

Communicate efficiently with your GC/owners with an easy-to track SOV tool. It is integrated with the bids, quotes, Change Orders, POs, WOs, invoices so it is easy to track the job costing along with the production cycle.

Field job production tracking

Track jobsite completion report, punch lists, and other field task activities based on the same floor plan.

Integration with Gmail, Outlook, QuickBooks Online and Xero

Sync your email, contact, calendar, and estimates with the most popular accounting systems QBO and Xero.

Onboarding by MeasureSquare CRM team

MeasureSquare has a dedicated team of domain and technical experts to help with the implementation process. It is an incremental process to ensure you get the best ROI on your investment.

Pricing and Editions

  • Sales Essential

    $345 USD/mo, incl. 5 users, billed annually

  • Integrated with MeasureSquare products
  • Sales leads and pipelines
  • Quote, PO, WO, Invoice tracking
  • QuickBooks Online/Xero, Gmail/Outlook integration (*)
  • Additional user $69/mo
  • Storage Space 50G
  • Dedicated customer success rep
  • Setup/implementation $950 (one-time)
  • Contractor Pro

    $495 USD/mo, incl. 5 users, billed annually

  • All Sales Essential features
  • Vendor pricing request tracking
  • Bid proposals
  • Custom bid templates
  • Task and install scheduling
  • Additional user $99/mo
  • Storage Space 200G
  • Setup/implementation $1950 (one-time)
  • Contractor Complete

    $745 USD/mo, incl. 5 users, billed annually

  • All Contractor Pro features, plus
  • Change order tracking
  • Job costing (Schedule of Value)
  • Jobsite production tracking (JobTrakr)
  • Additional user $149/mo
  • Storage Limit 1000G
  • Setup/implementation $2950 (one-time)

Compare Editions and Top Features

Features that streamline projects from lead, estimate, bid to production completion.

  • Key Features that streamline project from lead, estimate, bid to production completion.

  • MeasureSquare takeoff estimate integration
  • QuickBooks Online/Xero, Gmail/Outlook integration (*)
  • Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Jobs
  • Diagrams, quotes, PO, WO, invoices
  • Product price books
  • Subcontractors, Vendors
  • Installation Scheduling
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Vendor Price Request Tracking
  • Bid proposal creation
  • ------------------------------------------------
  • Change Order Tracking
  • Job Costing (Schedule of Value)
  • Jobsite completion tracking
  • API and workflow integration
  • Sales Essential

  • Contractor Pro

  • Contractor Complete

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