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MeasureSquare Bid (beta)

One-stop cloud solution to streamline your takeoff, estimating to winning bid proposals

MeasureSquare Bid is a one-stop cloud-based bid management solution

– to create and manage your commercial bids with vendor catalogs

– to track project bid sales status

– to change orders and revisions

– to collaborate among sales reps, estimators and project managers.

MeasureSquare Bid integrates with MeasureSquare takeoff data and eliminates double entries and time-consuming manual tasks with spreadsheets and word documents.


MeasureSquare Bid Solution

Platform: Any web browser on desktop and mobile devices.
Intended Users:  MeasureSquare Commercial estimators, PMs and Sales Reps

Use Cases   Tutorials

Streamline your takeoff, estimating and bid to win more projects

Create professional bid proposals 4x times faster and accuracy to beat deadlines and win more bids

  • No copy/paste and manual typing, no Excels
  • Pull product, labor and operation costs together with defined formula
  • Pull inclusions and exclusions with predefined templates
  • Fine tune profit margin with fast and easy scenario analysis to outbid competitions

Create your competitive edge by standardizing takeoff estimating process with best practice bid templates

  • Standardize best practice bid template and workflow through your project team
  • Train new and existing project estimating staff efficiently
  • Enable collaboration among team members

Track and manage your project profit margin and bottom-line in real-time

  • Track project profitability against all cost types
  • Identify, alert and avoid potential cost over-runs from potential sources
  • Update in real time with change orders

Track change orders and revisions against original bids effortlessly

  • Create & track change orders against original bid with a clear form structure to present a client for approval
  • Track revision approval status and confirmations
  • Track, update and alert related orders linked to a change revision

Manage your vendor product catalogs and labor costs, in real-time at one place

  • Set up your vendors and their product catalogs
  • Sync with MeasureSquare product catalog
  • Sync with vendor catalog through FCB2B (if available)
manage vendor catalogs

Send and track vendor pricing requests and status, confirmation and expiration dates

  • Manage vendor pricing status to meet bid deadline
  • Protect product profit margins with tracked confirmations
  • Help clients make timely decisions on product pricing expirations

Seamlessly integrated with MeasureSquare takeoff estimate data

  • One-click to bring in MeasureSquare takeoff data (no Excels, no manual copy/paste)
  • Direct web access to floor plans, 3D views on floors, walls, elevations
  • Sync with project updates
MeasureSquare Bid Solution

Integrated with the popular financial accounting (QuickBooks Online, Zero, etc.)

  • No more time-consuming double entry, one-click to sync your bids and estimates directly into QuickBooks Online/Zero
  • Manage your financial profitability and operations with the popular accounting systems (QuickBooks Online, Zero, etc.)

API/SDK to streamline your workflow with your existing CRM/ERP systems (for Enterprises)

  • Embed the new bid productivity with your existing IT systems and workflow through provided API/SDK


  • Essential

    $99.0 /mo (incl. 3 users)

  • Project Document Tracking
  • Custom Bid Templates
  • Vendor product/labor catalogs
  • Project status tracking
  • Create bid package with drawing markups
  • Integrated with MeasureSquare takeoff estimates
  • Imperial/metric, currency, tax settings
  • Pro Team (Popular)

    $179 /mo (incl. 3 users)

  • All Essential features, plus
  • Change Orders and Revisions
  • Track vendor price requests
  • Sales funnel and revenue report
  • Create value schedules
  • QuickBooks Online/Zero Integration
  • Enterprise

    $$199 /mo (incl. 3 users)

  • All Pro Team features, plus
  • Multiple branch locations
  • Custom sales and operations report
  • API and workflow Integrations
  • AI smart alert and notifications

Video Tutorials, Demos and Sample Projects

3 step workflow

If you are already a MeasureSquare Commercial estimating user, it is pretty to get on creating a professional bid from your MeasureSquare login from this bid site.

If you are not yet, you will be able to create commercial flooring bids with this site as well. Simply, sign up and create a MeasureSquare ID and start to create a bid from scratch.

Here are a few simply steps to create and send a bid:
(1) Create a new project, add customer/contact and other info

(2) Add project documents

(3) Import MeasureSquare project from MeasureSquare Cloud (if you are already a MeasureSquare user)

(4) Move to Takeoff tab, review imported items or add products and labor items to the cost groups from the vendor catalogs

(5) Move to Worksheet tab, review and edit cost items, add Inclusions and Exclusions, project notes, fine tune profit margin at different levels, etc.

(6) Move to Bids tab to finalize bid format and send it the client.

Demo video on Youtube.

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