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RenoPlan App for Contractors

Measure floor plans, Create estimate/invoice in a snap on your iPhone/iPad

RenoPlan is mobile floor plan measuring and quote/invoice app for contractors, real estate flippers/agents, flooring pros, property managers, installers, office managers, DIYers/homeowners, just to name a few…

RenoPlan can be used to create floor plans and estimates for real estate listing & flipping, interior design, renovation, restoration and construction projects. It creates detail measurement report with site photos for project estimate and design.

RenoPlan app is integrated with laser distance meters, AR/Lidar, and other devices to make measuring fast and accurate. It is the 1st professional floor plan diagram tool that both pros and home owners find it easy to use.


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Platform: iPhone/iPad, iOS 10+

Supported Laser MetersBosch GLM 50C, 100C, 120C, 150C, 400C, 400CL, DeWALT DW099S, DW0165S, DW0330S, Leica Disto D1, D2, E7100i, Moasure One

Use Cases   Tutorials


  • Floor Plan Sketcher (Free)

    $0.0 mo

  • 10 Floor Plans
  • Photo Markups
  • AR, LiDar Measure (iOS), Laser Meters
  • Measurement Report (PDF)
  • Create Estimate/Invoice
  • (Cloud Storage 1GB)
  • Pro (Most Popular)

    $9.99 mo / user

  • All Plan Sketcher features, plus
  • Laser Meter Integration
  • Plan Takeoff (PDF/Photo)
  • Export to Excel, CAD/DXF
  • Estimate/Invoice/Report branding (Logo, Business Info)
  • (Cloud Storage 30GB)
  • Enterprise

    $29 mo / user

  • All Pro features, plus
  • Custom form and report
  • Team share collaboration
  • API Integrations
  • (Cloud Storage 100GB)

Empower your renovation project estimating with digital floor plans

REMODELER: measure rooms accurately, get quick cost estimate, quote professionally to win projects

  • Measure overall square footages on whole house efficiently with laser meters.
  • Capture site photos with markups as reference.
  • Quote professionally with clients with a clear floor plan.
  • Export to Excel spreadsheet for cost and margin estimates.

HOME FLIPPERS/AGENTS: measure floor plan layout for listing, get quick renovation cost estimates to speed up buyer decision making.

  • Get detailed measurement report of whole house and individual rooms.
  • Capture site photos with markups as reference.
  • Share 2D/3D plan with clients for buying decision making.
  • Export to Excel spreadsheet for cost and budget planning

PROPERTY/OFFICE MANAGERS: quick floor plan layout for tenants and maintenance renovation project planning.

  • Keep track of property floor plan layout over projects.
  • Save project photos, notes, warrantees for maintenance references.
  • Share 2D/3D floor plan with tenant rental, fire department and zoning office references.

INTERIOR DESIGNERS: quick home space layout for interior design and furniture planning.

  • Export floor plan to CAD system for 3D rendering.
  • Plan furniture layout with budget options.
  • Share 2D/3D floor plan layout with clients.

HOME INSPECTORS / SURVEYORS: accurate floor plan with measurement, notes, photos and annotations.

  • Measure floor plan efficiently with a laser meter.
  • Capture photos, markups and annotation with site details.
  • Differentiate with other old-school inspectors, with added value to standard inspection report (detailed room measurement report for future improvement projects).

HOMEOWNERS: measure room in a snap, plan your budget, negotiate with contractors with measurement in-mind

  • Measure overall square footages on whole house and individual rooms
  • Plan your project cost, and shop online with your measurements
  • Compare and negotiate estimates with usage qty in mind

FLOORING SALES/INSTALLERS: measure accurately, quote on the spot, and outsell big box stores.

  • Impress your home shoppers with a laser measuring tool to build confidence.
  • Measure all rooms for potential flooring options that enable a fast quote to close a sale onsite.
  • Outsell big box store reps with professional sales tool in home and in showroom.

Video Tutorials

Product Intro, Project Workflow, How to Create a Simple Floor Plan and Report

RenoPlan is an easy-to-use floor plan measuring app for both home professionals and homeowners, especially DIYers. The overall workflow is quite simple and can be mastered with following how to videos.
Here is the list of subjects covered in the tutorial playlist:
(1) Product intro: who will use it to create a floor plan?
(2) Understand the overall workflow steps
(3) Drawing tools
(4) A quick demo: how to create a simple floor plan?
(5) Generate a measurement report with printing options
(6) Export and share the floor plans
(7) Draw/Measure with iOS AR/LiDAR feature
Click on Forward/Backward button on YouTube player to jump to the next/previous section.

Click on Forward/Backward button on YouTube player to jump to the next/previous section.