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Moasure Integration

Measure to digitize floor plans, landscapes, and outside areas to create estimates efficiently with Moasure One and MeasureSquare.

Measure Square Mobile apps now have been integrated with Moasure One. Users can easily measure and draw many different types of floor plans using the Moasure One device and app.
Trades: Landscapers, appraisers, home contractors, remodelers, flippers, DIYers
Models Supported:  Moasure One
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From Measurement to Winning Projects

MeasureSquare mobile apps and Moasure makes onsite measure estimating easy. Creates quotes, diagrams and turf plans for all types of jobs including flooring, landscaping, pavers, and real estate.

A world of onsite measure and estimating applications

Measure distances, angles, areas, circles, gradients and so much more.

• Moasure ONE is the world’s first motion-based measuring tool – a completely new way to measure.


Measure outdoors with ease

• Using Moasure One and MeasureSquare Mobile for iPad makes measuring outdoors spaces fast, accurate, and easy
• Easily measure playgrounds, sports fields, artificial turf, properties and more.


Create Turf Plans with ease using Measure Squares powerful diagram tools

• Measure all sizes of outdoor spaces and apply necessary products for estimation
• Automate recreation of 3D space based on 2D plans


Quote and sign on the spot

• Automatically give the customer a quote on the spot and get their signature directly in the app!
• Eliminate the chance of them “shopping around” as they wait on that email with their quote the next day or evening.


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