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Industry Cooperatives

Measure Square is an official software partner of FUSE and StarNet commercial flooring contractor groups. If you are a member of these cooperatives, please meet us at the groups’ annual convention to explore our takeoff estimating solutions.

For FUSE Alliance Members

MeasureSquare: A New Generation of Commercial Takeoff Estimating Software

Besides having great takeoff estimating technology, Measure Square also has a staff of professionals to assist in deployment, training and support.
Please meet us at FUSE members annual group meeting and explore the takeoff estimating solution.
For our special offer to FUSE members, contact James Wisdom at or 1-626-683-9188 ext. 116

For StarNet Commercial Flooring Members

Sick and Tired of Your Takeoff Software?

Now is the time to make a change about your takeoff software — and Measure Square is the answer. For the past 17 years, we have been developing technologies to help grow your flooring business. Check out the video above to learn about the cool features of our software, which is called MeasureSquare 8. By the way, we also have a team of customer support experts and trainers.
Please meet us at StarNet members annual group meeting and explore the takeoff estimating solution.
For our special offer to StarNet members, contact James Wisdom at or 1-626-683-9188 ext. 116

Flooring Management Software Companies (ERP)

These software partners have integrated their platforms with the Measure Square software: QFloors, Roll Master, Comp-U-Floors, CF/Data System.

Product features


Import large scale drawings into Measure Square with ease

– Import plans with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.
– Easily select applicable pages and scale to ensure accuracy on your takeoff.

Tackle Commercial Finish Schedules with Speed and Accuracy

– Set individual waste percentages by product.
– The Product List Mode makes short work of complex finish schedules.


Auto Complete Saves Takeoff Time

– One click to finish drawing neighboring rooms.
– Quickly handle intricate floor designs to bid more efficiently.

Create complex tile patterns with our Tile Pattern Designer

– Design your own tiles and tile patterns with complex polygon shapes.
– Assign tiles by percentages to individual regions.


Create customizable worksheets and professional bids

– Design worksheets within Measure Square to then export to Excel for even more customization.
– Create and send out reports that include diagrams, quantities and installation details.

Takeoff Estimating Service Providers

These service providers use MeasureSquare software and may provide you with outsourced takeoff estimating services for your overflow projects on-demand.

Check Measures, Robert Tipping
Toronto, Ontario

Quantify North America, Kathy Case

So Cal Estimating, Wayne Golobic
San Diego, CA

Fineline Estimation, Brad Varty

Vancouver, BC

Kaizen Consultancy, Nachiket Khake
Scarborough, ME | India

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