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MeasureSquare offers a complete suite of measure estimating software solutions across various trades including Flooring, Tiling and Granite/Stone.  The bottom line:  lower costs, automation of processes, higher accuracy rates and improved sales.


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From mobile onsite measure to desktop takeoff estimating, MeasureSquare covers a wide range of trades from Commercial Flooring, Stone/Granite and Tiling, Multi-family Contract to Retail Sales.

Takeoff Estimating Software for Commercial Bids

Software for commercial flooring/tiling takeoff and bidding

  •    – handle large projects with PDF import
  •    – sophisticated layout estimating algorithms for all product types
  •    – flexible and quality PDF reporting


Trades: Commercial Flooring, Builders/Multi-family Contractors

Best for: Estimators, Project Managers, Sales Reps

Measure Estimating Software for Multi-Family Projects

Software for multi-family flooring/tiling estimating and bidding

  •    – handle complex projects onsite or on desktop with PDF import
  •    – sophisticated estimating for multi-unit bids


Trades: Builders/Multi-family Contractors

Best for: Project Managers, Builders, Property Managers

Available On: Mobile (iOS/Android) and Desktop (Windows)

Desktop Mobile

Measure Estimating App for Residential Projects

Software for retail flooring/tiling estimating and bidding:

  •    – measure residential projects onsite with a laser meter
  •    – quote onsite with a product database
  •    – close sales and capture customer signatures digitally


Trades: Retail Flooring, Remodeling and Renovation

Best for: Sales Reps, Installers

Takeoff Estimating Software for Stone Projects

Software for stone/granite/tiling takeoff and quotes:

  •    – handle complex projects on a desktop computer with PDF import
  •    – sophisticated estimating for multi-unit bids


Trades: Stone and Tile Contractors

Best for: Project Managers, Estimators, Fabricators


AI: automatic plan recognition

An ever-evolving glimpse at the future of takeoff estimating.

AR (Augmented Reality): Measure a room via smartphone

The magic of AR for measuring a floorplan and visualizing products.

Laser Meter Integration

Measure quickly and accurately with a Bosch or Leica Disto laser meter.

Bid professionally and profitably

Create professional bid packages and pricing options with protected profit.

Instant Waste Optimization

Auto find minimum waste layouts, cut sheets, self-covings, or stone nesting yields -- instantly.

Tile pattern designer and 3D Wall Design

Create complex tile patterns to win design projects, and wow clients with 3D floor and wall walkthroughs.

International Language Support

Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, and more...

Field and Office Collaboration

M2 Cloud enables office and showroom collaboration with field reps to serve customers faster.

Integrated with most ERP/CRM systems

Measure Square is seamless with your workflows.

Why Switch to Measure Square?

State-of-the-art estimating technology
Unique customer success model (dedicated CSR)
User friendly at all levels (by Design)
Largest user base, from small to the largest businesses in the trade

Measure Estimating for the 21th Century

Four Pillars of Measure Square Success

Measure Square Corp strives to be a provider of world-class measure estimating technology and vigorous customer service by responding promptly to our clients to ensure they achieve their expected results.

1. Customer Success Model

Prompt response is essential to meet customer deadlines. It starts from a dedicated Customer Success Rep (CSR)

2. User Friendly at All Levels

From the app user interface to self-learning tutorial video classes to live support chat and calls.

3. Listening to Customers...

It is in our DNA to listen, learn and respond to user needs from all our support, sales, management and developer teams.

4. Invest in future technologies

Aggressively explore AI, AR and 3D Web Modeling technologies to push the boundaries of measure estimating efficiency