MeasureSquare Cloud

For iOS, Windows Desktop, FloorLink CRM, and third integrated software users


What is the MeasureSquare Cloud?

Using the same underlying principles of popular cloud services the likes of Google Drive and Dropbox, the MeasureSquare Cloud hosts users' diagram data and product databases. License management and collaborative tools are also features accessible in the Cloud.


MeasureSquare Cloud structure

Who has access to the MeasureSquare Cloud?

  • iOS mobile app & MeasureSquare desktop users: users who are subscribed to the iOS mobile app for iPad/iPhone and/or MeasureSquare desktop for Windows automatically have access to a MeasureSquare Cloud customer portal (introductory videos below). The login credentials are the same as those used for logging into the software on their respective devices.
  • FloorLink CRM: FloorLink users do not interact with the Cloud customer portal, but the CRM system is built on the Cloud infrastructure to store and retrieve data, e.g., customer information and diagrams.
  • Third party web applications: using the API MeasureSquare provides, third party web applications can integrate with the MeasureSquare Cloud platform.

Key Features

  1. Diagram and database storage
  2. Database management: view, share, and manipulate your saved databases
  3. License management: view/revoke your assigned licenses
  4. Team collaboration