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For commercial cleaning takeoff estimating and proposal

MeasureSquare Commercial has been deployed as janitorial bidding software by many commercial cleaners. The software can import property floor plans from PDF and measure the square footages of cleaning areas accurately. As a result, it helps janitorial contractors to create professional bids with colored floor plans.

The software program can be set up to estimate by product surface types, traffic patterns and frequencies. To be more specific, surface types include carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, and stones on floors and walls. Traffic patterns can be light, medium and heavy with different prices.

As a cleaning estimating software partner of MilliCare and other commercial cleaning groups, MeasureSquare has been trusted by many elite commercial cleaning contractors in US, Canada, UK, Australia and NZ.

Trades: Commercial Cleaning and Janitorial Services

Best for: Sales Reps, Project Managers, Estimators, Property Owners

Sys Req: Windows 7/8/10, 8+GB Ram, 24″+ monitor

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Product features

janitorial bid proposal

Make a professional proposal with a floorplan mapped with cleaning types by the cleaning estimating program

– Takeoff a building plan or measure onsite with a laser to create a floorplan
– Assign clean types, traffic pattern and labor charges to each area
– Calculate the square footages and prices and generate a bid

Set up cleaning products, labor charges database

– Set individual waste percentages by product.
– Labor services by traffic pattern and surface types.

DB Setup -Commercial -Cleaning
Import -Commercial -Cleaning

Import building floorplan drawings into Measure Square with ease

– Import plans with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.
– Easily select applicable pages and scale to ensure accuracy on your takeoff.

Trace and takeoff room areas to be cleaned

– Takeoff all rooms area, hallway, and even walls with different surfaces types
– Drag and drop items to each areas with color coding

Trace -Commercial -Cleaning
Commercial Cleaning

Specify cleaning surface type with traffic patterns, frequencies

– Drag and drop product/services items

Review worksheet and print a proposal to Excel

– Create report and export estimate in Excel

worksheet -Commercial -Cleaning
janitorial bid proposal

Color coded floorplan printout with surface type and traffic pattern legend

– Printout report

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We get you started with zero lag to ensure the transfer process is smooth and comfortable for you. Choose between self-paced tutorials, online courses or lookup references.

Online Tutorial: General Setup and Basic Takeoff

Learn about system settings, database setup, job info preparation, plan imports, takeoff estimating and report steps.

Get started or find other tutorials here.

Commercial Clean & Maintenance Tutorial

Get up to speed in hours with a quick, 20 minutes walkthrough, and to get live product support from our customer service team.

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