MeasureSquare Floor Plan SDK/API

Build Interactive Floor Plan Web Apps Easily

MeasureSquare Floor Plan SDK/API enables web-based collaboration, estimating and quote application by embedding a digital floor plan in any apps.

Applications: Proptech apps, IoTs UI, property security, smart building, design centers, home improvement & real estate websites.

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Use Cases   Floor Plan Web App Demo

Application Use Cases

Floor Plan Display and Interaction for Property Management

  • Request a floor plan measure and quote for a flooring job.
  • Have an edge in rental list with a digital floor plan.
  • Enhance tenant experience with an interactive floor plan.


See how it is used in PropertyLink


Builder Design Center Home Option Selection

  • Streamline designer and buyer upgrade selection process in an interactive floor plan.
  • Enrich buyer experience through whole ownership life cycle.
  • Collaborating with other services contractors


Example, flooring option selection and quote.


Construction Jobsite Project Mgmt

  • Track jobsite productivity on a floor plan visually.
  • Collaborate with different trade partners digitally on product completion rate %.
  • Run management report, job billing, and issue tracking.


Find out more about JobTracker


Real Estate Sales and Rental Listing

  • Engage with buyers with a digital edge in sales or rental list.
  • Get quote efficiently for remodel, quick-turn projects or staging with contractors before listing.
  • Collaborate with services pro, inspectors, loan process


Example, Sample house floor plan 2D/3D

Zillow listing with a floor plan

Smart Building and IoTs UI

  • Create building interior space look up and navigation digital map.
  • Enable smart building applications with IoTs sensors.
  • As a host display platform for construction job site management and tracking apps.


Example: Park Center Office


Public Facilities, Communities and School Campus Apps

  • Multiple building interactive navigation map.
  • Geometric model on individual floors and their operating status (temperature, occupance, etc)
  • Other application integration (co-op schedules, eletric lines, HVAC system, cameras, etc.)

Home and Office Security App

  • Display home alarm sensor status on a digital floor plan.
  • Interact with IoTs devices on a floor plan on mobile app.
  • integrate with other workflows of smart office apps over the plan.

Flooring Shopping and Sales

  • Home owner can send a floorplan to a local store to get quick quote.
  • Store sales rep can send a link to home owrner to select products and estimate over the web.
  • Store website can have a flooring calculator to collect room measurement remotely.

Floor Plan Web SDK/API Pricing

  • Business (10-100 floor plans/site)

    $199 / mo

  • Single site activation
  • PropertyLink API
  • MeasureSquare tech support
  • Enterprise License

    $TBD / Contact us

  • Multi-site operations
  • PropertyLink API
  • Flexible price contract structure
  • Comprehensive management report
  • MeasureSquare tech support

Floor Plan Web SDK and API Specification

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