Auto Floorplan Takeoff API Web Services

What is Auto Floorplan Takeoff?

Architecture floorplans are mostly created in PDF, CAD and image file formats. To takeoff rooms in a floorplan, estimators need to import plans into takeoff software and manually read and trace around the room corners to recreate rooms in digital form. Measure Square has developed a new approach to automate takeoff process by using computer algorithm to detect rooms including doors. This new approach is based on deep learning algorithms of Artificail Intelligence techniques.


Auto room takeoff has a wide range of applications including

  1. Measure estimating for residential and commercial constructions
  2. Automate recreation of 3D space based on 2D plans
  3. Automatic object detection and counts

MeasureSquare Plan Detection API Web Services

MeasureSquare plan detection API provides a cloud-based web services that 3rd party programs can easily integrate their application.

Data Format: here is the API and Data Format Spec

How does it work?

  • Step 1: Upload floorplan file with scale parameters
  • Step 2: Receive return file and data sets
  • Step 3: Parse data set XML and continue with your application

Plan Detection Demo

Regarding integration and API related questions, please contact

Sample Screens

Sample floorplan, detail section of recognized plan, and complete detected plan:

plan detection sample

plan detection sample

plan detection sample