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Stone CRM

Streamline your stone project management for success

Managing dimensioal stone projects is a challenging task over its project life cycle from estimating, quote, sourcing and installation processes.

Existing CRM and project management solutions lack many key features specifically needed for this trade:

  • Product database and supplier management
  • Sophisticated pricing process based on product type, finishes, logistics and installation parameters (taxes, tarriffs cross geographical borders)
  • Project team, client, supplier collaboration

MeasureSquare Stone CRM solves above issues that streamlines the process. It features measurements of wide variety of product material, their detail product feature specifications (such as edge, splash and surfaces finishes), locations and set quantities, construction phases, and even sourcing supplier sourcing locations.

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System Requirements: Web Browsers (any desktop and mobile devices)

Manage product database and suppliers

Organize product photos so it is easy to find for next project

Create catalog by suppliers

Track project status, communication notes among participants

Project listing and archieving

Sales management report

Create quotes, purchase orders, takeoff sheet

Specific product details with accurate pricing

Instant product replacement for flexible pricing options

Track product sourcing and container schedules

Export takeoff measurement to get optimized cut yield

Save turn-around time from supplier/fabricator

Customer Testimonials

Richard Lawley
DalTile, Dimensional Stone Group
I saved 80 slabs in a single Hyatt Regency project. With average $500 per slab, it is $40k saving...

Joe Vanor
Regent Cabinets
Regent started using StoneCut from Measure Square about 6 months ago - and we saw from Day 1 that we partnered with the right company. The sales team and customer group were top notch. They very quickly gave us a demo and access for 90 days. So within an hour of rolling out to our estimating department, we got off to a great start. Actually, we have since run over 125 jobs...in a fraction of the time. Regent has been able to save countless man-hours. For example, a project that we did prior to StoneCut would take two to four hours. As of now? Well, it's less then 30 minutes. Along the way, whenever we have had a question, the Measure Square support has been there with the right answers.

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