Takeoff Estimating for Commercial Stone Projects with MeasureSquare Stone Edition

For commercial stone distributors, contractors and fabricators

Commercial stone project takeoff has long been a manual process where normally an Excel spreadsheet is used to capture all tops, islands, vanities(square footages), surface types, edge finishes and splashes, product thickness, and then priced with various charges of labor services for product fabrications. It is pretty tedious to prepare pricing options when it comes to various logistics situations such as freight and tariffs etc.

MeasureSquare Stone edition provides a new way to streamline the takeoff estimating process for stone projects. An architecture floorplan is imported and stone areas are taken off on the screen, specified with surface and edge finishes. Products are assigned to each pieces, and then square footage and linear footage quantities are calculated automatically, and so various report, price quote, work order and invoices can be generated easily.

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System Requirements: Microsoft Windows OS ( 7/8/10)

Guide and Tutorials

  1. Review use cases and instructions  (Download user guide, PDF 2.4MB)
  2. Measure takeoff any top, floor and wall area (countertops, vanities, wall panels, etc.) for any commercial or residential buildings
  3. A recorded demo presentation class going through a sample takeoff estimating process (View it on YouTube)
  4. PDF sample plan   (Download sample plan PDF 1.0MB)
  5. Create a trial account from this sign up page

Key Features

  1. Measure onsite or plan import from PDF/CAD file import
  2. Measure takeoff any top, floor and wall area (countertops, vanities, wall panels, etc.) for any commercial or residential buildings
  3. Easily specify backsplashes, laminations, sink cutouts with edge finishes
  4. Calculate SF/LF qty for stone products, edge profile and labor charges accurately
  5. Generate layout and slab cut diagrams
  6. Generate an estimate worksheet and color-coded floor diagram report instantly
  7. Export to spreadsheet Excel file or print to a PDF file

Set up stone products and labor services catalog

set up stone product with thickness and stone types

Labor serivces by surface, edge profile

Set up product and labor service database

Import floorplan with countertop and vanity drawings

Import plans with 100+ pages in a matter of moments.

Easily select applicable pages and scale to ensure accuracy on your takeoff.

Import dimensional stone architectural plan and setup scale

Trace and takeoff top/vanity/island by kitchen and bath areas

Takeoff all top and backsplash types including edge finishes

Drag and drop products to each areas with color coding

Set scale, takeoff top/vanity areas with backsplashes

Specify backsplashes, edge finishes including laminations

Drag and drop products and labor services items

Takeoff and specify lamination areas

Estimate top SF and edge LF quantities

Estimate SF by piece and area

Assign stone products and edge finish profiles

Export and print estimate worksheet

Create report and export estimate in Excel

Calculate SF, LF and labor costs, export to Excel worksheet and quote

Estimate yields and slab cuts

Calculate accurate number of slabs

Optimize on yields

Slab cut and yield optimization

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