From the Frontlines: One Year With Measure Square



One year ago, I walked through the doors of our Pasadena office for the first time. I had no idea what to expect--I had absolutely no background in flooring or construction. I was hired on to answer phones, help with sales, and handle some minor marketing tasks within the company. I was optimistic that I had found a good fit for long-term employment, but I was slightly nervous about how I would be received.

Would the customers like me? Would I be able to learn quickly enough? Would I end up embarrassing myself or making a huge mistake that upset a customer so much that it got me into major trouble?

I wasn't new to the idea of customer service. My previous job was in retail. But this felt different. This felt special. I wanted to so badly to make this work and to become a friendly voice that our customer base grew to know and respect as knowledgeable and helpful.

While I don't claim to have achieved all of those things (hopefully, I'm kind of a familiar and friendly voice that customers can rely on), I can say with confidence that the last year has been a learning experience for me.

I have learned many of your names and grown quite familiar with you all in a way that makes you like a second family to me. I have come to grow fond of so many of the pleasant voices that greet me and ask me how I'm doing before testing my product knowledge with questions regarding various aspects of our program.

I have gained better knowledge of the flooring industry. When I first started this journey, I felt like a deer in headlights listening to and reading all of the unfamiliar terms related to the program. Now I can keep up with the flooring jargon with the best of them.

And most importantly, I have learned the power of an excellent product combined with a devoted customer base. As we continue to grow and learn, you continue to be patient and grow and learn with us. It inspires me daily, as I have interacted with each and everyone of you.

So thank you, MeasureSquare customers. Thank you for a year of growth, learning, and positivity. I am excited to see what the next year with you all has in store.