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Julia is the office coordinator at MeasureSquare and wears the pr/marketing hats as well. If you have a success story to share, she's happy to help you tell it.

Spotlight on MeasureSquare: Robert Tipping of Checkmeasures

Checkmeasures MeasureSquare ad

MeasureSquare wouldn't be what it is without our users. All the little enhancements we make and all the ways we push ourselves to stay ahead of the industry curve would be moot if we were directing it at a vacuum. From a family business passed down through the generations to a new venture started by a flooring newcomer, our user community is so varied and we want to showcase some of their stories with our Spotlight on MeasureSquare series.     

This month we're thrilled to introduce Robert Tipping, founder of Checkmeasures. We speak to him about how the software fits into his day-to-day business operations and he offers advice on anyone who might be getting cold feet about committing their resources and traditional approaches to flooring takeoff programs.

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Join the conversation on our new community forum

MeasureSquare community forum

Stop, collaborate, and listen. Out of context, it's an excellent mantra for the latest addition to our community-building efforts.

For most of our company history we've dedicated our time to honing the technology behind the software you know today. Our focus moving forward is to bolster something we have plenty of, but haven't tapped into in a big way: our user community!

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Welcome to our New Year's resolution

"Tips and tricks"? "Industry insights"? "Community-building"?

We know--that's a lot of ground to cover when we're one post deep on this latest endeavor, but luckily we're looking at more than one post to get to where we're hoping to go.

Regardless of whether you've been familiar with us since our "Floor Covering Soft" days or are still considering implementing technology into your existing business, the fact remains that--outside of select trade magazines and websites--there's a wealth of untapped knowledge in the flooring industry. Formal trainings with technical staff, consulting with colleagues, honing your craft through practice: it's valuable time spent, but so much of that learning goes undocumented. What does measure estimating software have to do with closing sales? Where do you even begin with implementing a software when all you've ever known is a tape measure and pen? Sure, you can make a call and get your answers and for many that's the easiest way, but we want to put it all on record.  

We're bridging that gap and we want you to join us. As we grow our blog, we want it to be an informational hub for not only all things MeasureSquare, but also the industry at large:

  • Educational series: from utilizing a CRM system to choosing the right estimating software, we'll dissect the important questions so you won't have to, and showcase the information you need in easily-digestible articles.
  • Tips & tricks: we know software learning curves can be daunting--to ease that transition (and even if you're an experienced user), we'll be demonstrating how to navigate the more advanced aspects of our software so you know that you're using it to its full potential.
  • Question Tuesdays, interviews, etc.: what's the point in maintaining a blog without an audience? We're looking forward to a future of weekly Q&A sessions, feature interviews with members of our team and other professionals in the field, and engaging your expertise.  

Bookmark this page, scribble it down on a Post-it, tell your friends. Welcome to the MeasureSquare blog; we're glad to have you with us.