Integration with Comp-U-Floor Management System

Using MeasureSquare Windows desktop edition

For retail dealers, installers, contractors

  • From CUF sales order or estimate entry form, user can start a new diagram or open an existing diagram with MeasureSquare program
  • Complete drawing or takeoff estimating on MeasureSquare and save projects
  • From CUF, click on Import on the entry form, CUF automatically retrieves quantities and products into CUF estimate or sales order form (also allow to substitute product name with items in CUF product catalog
  • Seam diagram, cut sheet and floor plans are automatically imported as well


Using iPad Edition

For retail dealers, installers, contractors

  • User may use iPad and laser disto onsite to measure and estimate, and email estimate, seam and cut plan report as PDF file
  • Report PDF file can be attached to CUF sales order or any order entry as reference
  • Integration with CUF through XML data form (so quantities are imported automatically) is coming soon in early March 2016