Chocolates and red roses are in high demand as we count down to Valentine’s Day when romance is alive everywhere. Oh, and for homeowners, new flooring can really be the best Valentine’s Day gift that keeps giving — and of course, lasts much beyond February 14.

Measure Square, the industry-leading measure estimation software company, provides not only sophisticated estimating software for flooring professionals, but also free toolsets for home remodelers and homeowner DIYers.

Measure Square’s Flooring Calculator is one of the most advanced online applications for flooring estimation, free to use, easy to calculate estimates and layouts for carpet, vinyl, tile, laminate and wood. It’s capable of working with rooms of many different shapes, whether that be rectangular, L-shape, or other irregular shapes.

Measuring square footage of staircase is easy, too. Just measure the width of the stairs, tread and riser. The calculator will then give you an estimate for the number of the steps.

A final estimate report includes the total flooring usage and layout, and waste ratio. You may request the report to be emailed.

And yes, you’ll start your new flooring project and shop around for your Valentine.

Watch YouTube on how to use the flooring calculator now.