Guide to Deploying MeasureSquare...Quickly & Effectively

Top five implementation mistakes to avoid

  • Management lack of implementation planning
  • Insufficient time invested in training
  • Users resistance to change
  • No firm goal and rollout timeline set
  • Not actively seeking support from MeasureSquare

Roadmap to successful deployment

  • Onboarding Work with the MeasureSquare customer success team to map out an implementation plan, which will provide the steps for a rollout over the next 2-6 weeks, depending on the scale and scope of the deployment.
  • Product Training Systematic product training is essential for each user. This means there must be a committment on learning the product in preset training sessions without interruption.
  • Ramp off quickly Start using the software immediately with smaller projects -- then continue on to larger ones.
  • Set timelines and milestones Preschedule weekly goals, from 20% project adoption to 100% in two months.
  • Find an internal champ Identify a tech-savvy internal lead to set examples, to lead and guide others.
  • Set up a team email list Launch an internal email list to exchange ideas, post questions and get answers. Get a MeasureSquare Customer Success Rep and your management team involved.
  • Build best practices and tips Learn from our user community, such as by joining the user forum. Also make sure to check out our videos and blog posts.
  • Track Progress weekly Measure and review progress weekly on Friday and resolve them by Monday.
  • Demand Enhancements & Get Results Report issues to MeasureSquare and demand quick resolution. Bottomline: Make sure you get your money's worth.

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