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MeasureSquare Carpet Calculator and API

What does this Carpet Calculator do?

MeasureSquare Carpet Calculator is designed for home consumers who measure for carpet usage for home improvement project. It is a real carpet estimator that layouts the seams and cuts and get you the right square footages that professionals use to estimate and install a carpet job.

This calculator uses the same algorithm that MeasureSquare professional software edition uses to calculate carpet layout.

Check out the video tutorials on how to use it.

How to add MeasureSquare Carpet Calculator to your web page?

To add this calculator to your web page, so it shows on the left edge of browser window, just copy/past script code below to your host page html code (before the end of html tag).

You may replace it with your email address and company name, so the users of calculator will be able to send you their email and estimate for quote, so it generates lead for you.

<script src="https://calculator.measuresquare.com/scripts/calculator.js?type=carpet&email=sales@abcfloors.com&name=ABC Floors"></script>

Integrate flooring calculator to your web product shopping page

An example, showing Tile calculator on Amazon tile product page, click on that green Calculator button to launch calculator, click on Close to fill qty into shopping cart qty field. Tile Calcualtor

Here is another wood shopping cart scenario, click on green Calculator button to pop up calculator window, it fills the qty field after it closes. Wood Shopping Cart Wood Calculator

Another carpet shopping cart on Lowe's carpet proudct page, click on green Calculator button to pop up calculator window, it fills the qty field after it closes. Carpet Shopping Cart with Calculator

Web Calcuatlor API and sample codes

Here is the MeasureSquare web flooring calculator API spec (https://calculator.measuresquare.com/help)


Please email api@measuresquare.com if you need to host the calculator on your site or use web calculator API from your applications.