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About Measure Square

Measure Square Corp was founded in 2001 in Pasadena, California, with a mission to bring to market the best software for measure estimating. Over the years, generations of our products have shaped the industry, with efficiency, accuracy, and professional results. Since inception, the customer base has grown to over 3,600.

Corporate Mission & Core Values

Measure Square Corp strives to be a provider of world-class measure estimating technology, based on the following core values:

  • Ensure customer success by engaging customers to achieve their expected results
  • Provide prompt response to customer needs
  • Strive for team work and self-driven management

Customers and Services

Customers range from national firms such as Empire Carpet, Sherwin Williams, and FCI, to regional commercial contractors such as Acousti Engineering and Redi Carpet, to small retail stores in the US and Canada, as well as the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

Great customer service is about finding ways to help users better and more profitably use our product. Sometimes the best product ideas come from our customers. That's why when you speak, we're listening.

Processes: Keep it Simple and Easy to Use

We regularly enhance the product and strive to make it simpler and easier to use with each update. The feedback we receive from our customers is recorded into our CRM and development tracking system and reviewed weekly to make sure it gets implemented in the future update--that's why our customers rate user friendliness as the driving reason behind choosing our product.

A Dedicated Team

The company was founded by Dr. Steven Wang. Obtaining inspiration from his customers, Steven has always been actively involved in shaping and refining the product.

As a software industry veteran for 20 years, Steven has been devoted since 2001 to streamlining the measure estimating process by utilizing advanced technology. He received his Ph.D in Computer Science from the University of Southern California in 1991.

Measure Square employs about 40 full time staff with a strong customer support, training and development team as of Oct 2019.