Training Options

Classes in Office

$199.00 / participant / day
  • At The Pasadena headquarters
  • Hands-on training and exercises
  • Offered monthly or by request
  • Requirement: bring your laptop or tablet
  • Limited to 6 participants per class

1-on-1 Webinars

$199.00 per 3-hour session with a live trainer
  • Good for smaller groups with prior experience
  • Pre-schedule by request 3-days ahead
  • Requirement: PC and Internet access
  • Limited to 3 participants
  • Good for retail or commercial editions


$1,450 per trainer trip + travel + lodging
  • Good for a group of users
  • Hands-on training and exercises
  • Pre-schedule by 4 weeks
  • Requirement: laptops or desktops
  • Limited to 10 participants per class
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Pasadena Class Schedules and Logistics

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

- 28 miles from Pasadena

Burbank Airport (BUR)

- 12 miles from Pasadena


- Bring laptop or tablet computer and Disto (with full battery)

- Review the training agenda and view video tutorials

- Get the app or software installed and activated on your computers

- Play with the program using a few simple jobs to get acquainted with the system