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MeasureSquare Multi-family Edition

Empower Your Account Managers to Win More Multifamily Contracts

Measure onsite with laser or takeoff from property plan, account rep can efficiently create professional proposal with flooring pricing options with unit measure sheet, to focus on winning the account.

Accurate estimate with optimized SY waste wins the bid for repeat flooring jobs (where each SY matters), and it streamlines work order to installation by property managers.

Trusted by many FloorExpo members and large multi-family contractors: Redi Carpet, Sherwin Williams FC, Arbor Carpet, RMI, Artisent Floors.

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See how it works?

Streamlining multi-unit measure to proposal to order process is critical to our flooring contracting operations in multiple states

MeasureSquare provides an unparalleled level of accuracy. The diagrams are clear and concise making my bid packages stand out against the competition.

Also since the software works across PC, iPad & Android with flawless synchronicity, it is easy for our teams to view and collaborate on projects from any device.

The customer support component of this company is unmatched, they are willing to listen and incorporate requests for modification, which hones this software closer to perfection.

client testimonial

Justin Lensen, VP/Sales
Arbor Carpet

Measure multi-unit property efficiently to create floorplans

Measure onsite with a laser meter or takeoff from a PDF plan

Capture all room layout with doors/windows/bath information with photos

Specify product variations with carpet/vinyl/planks

Provide main product upgrade and layout options

With curshion/pad, occurpied install labor options

Estimate hundreds of units instantly

Replicate units with duplication feature

Estimate by unit or by project

Manage contract pricing at management company and property levels

Provide product catalog for different clients

Set margin to match local competition

Generate professional bid package easily

Summary sheet of all units

Combinations of product and add-on pricing options

Schedule Demo Start 14-Day Trial Subscribe $149/mo

Trusted by Multi-family Flooring Contractors