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Complete Mobile/Desktop Measuring Solution, Meet us at Surfaces 2016 West Las Vegas at Booth 4050, Jan 20-22

Pasadena, CA - MeasureSquare will introduce the latest generation of its software, which dissolves previous boundaries by allowing the iOS app to sync its data with this latest Windows-based edition via cloud integration.

Estimators can create their diagrams on the job site with the mobile app, sync their files to the Cloud, and have their coworkers at the office download those same files from the cloud onto their Windows desktops running the software.

Users are no longer restricted to working on their projects on the iPad's limited dimensions, databases can be backed up, and switching between multiple databases is one click away.

In bolstering the communication between estimators in the field and office staff, MeasureSquare's newest addition will free up valuable time by allowing project completion to proceed unhindered.


Please stop by the booth for scheduled demo classes:

Jan 20-22 (Wed-Fri) at Booth 4050

  • Wednesday: 11am, 1pm, 3pm -- mobile measure, commercial takeoff demos

  • Thursday: 11am, 1pm, 3pm -- mobile measure, commercial takeoff demos

  • Friday: 10am, 12pm -- mobile measure, commercial takeoff demos


Measure Square at Surfaces West Las Vegas