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Quick Start

  1. Desktop/laptop PC with Microsoft OS: Windows 7 and above
  2. Install MeasureSquare 2017 Commercial edition (Download sign-up link)
  3. Run trial version or activate license if you have subscribed
User Guide:
if the default video speed is too fast for you, YouTube offers a speed function: click on the gear icon in the lower right of the video, select "speed" and adjust the video to your needs.

Plan import, scale setup and verification (3 min)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Plan import wizard (file types, preview, crop, rotate, scale selection)
  2. Scale verification
  3. Scale setup after import

Product schedule setup (5 min)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Product tab and project product schedule list
  2. Add and edit items
  3. Edit product details and add-on associations

Room takeoff tools (14 mins)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Rectangular room
  2. Freedraw tool (irregular shapes, etc.)
  3. Edit shapes ("crop other rooms" to embed rooms, etc.)
  4. Floor divider and drawing walls
  5. Adding doors
  6. Segment tool
  7. Elevation tool (cabinets, etc.)
  8. 3D view (for verifying takeoff)

Product assignment (6 min)

Functional tools and usages:

  1. Product database panel, project item panel
  2. Drag and drop items (to floors/walls/ceilings, doors, stairs)
  3. Self-coving application
  4. Linear product application
  5. Transition application
  6. Count item application (corner guards for sheet vinyl, etc.)

* We recommend placing all of your area products on your diagram first before placing linear products (e.g. rubber base).

Seam layout, estimation, and waste optimization (5 min)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Set layout direction (at floor level, at room level)
  2. Estimation menu options (on right hand side of screen)
  3. Add and remove seams (T-seams, even T-seams, etc.)
  4. Cut sheet view and manipulation (waste optimization)
  5. Manipulating seams (deleting, locking)

Worksheet and quotation (2min)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Estimation summary (room labels, waste percentages, costs)
  2. Editing line items (delete, add, adjust quantities)
  3. Adding a new worksheet page
  4. Form options

Report generation and printing (2 min)

Functional tools and features:

  1. Print options and review window
  2. Print worksheet
  3. Print to PDF