Windows Companion for M2 Mobile App (iOS/Android)

A solution that combines desktop manipulation capability and iPad onsite measure mobility


How does it work?

System Req.
Windows 7/8 desktop/laptops
Required to sync from/to MeasureSquare (M2) Cloud
Only editing, saving, and printing diagrams created from mobile device (cannot create new project on Windows companion edition)
  1. Measure onsite with M2 iPad edition, sync projects to M2 Cloud
  2. On M2 Windows companion edition, sync projects from M2 Cloud
  3. Edit projects on M2 Windows companion, print or email finished estimates, sync projects to M2 Cloud   
  4. M2 Mobile user obtains updated projects when syncing with M2 Cloud
Subscribe $19/mo.

Training Options

Class at office
Web session with a live trainer, good for a small group
Classes offered each month at our Pasadena headquarters
Custom training agenda, trainer(s) travels to your office
... class schedules and cost