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MeasureSquare Mobile App (on iOS)

For installers, estimators, sales reps on retail flooring jobs

Key features that boost measure estimating efficiency

  • measure fast with laser disto that transfers sizes by wirelessly with laser accuracy, say goodbye to old measure tape
  • Drag and drop products and installation charges on the fly
  • Automatically generate seam layout and usages instantly with optimized wastes and cuts, including for carpet pattern match

Key Features | System Requirements

Key Features
  1. Estimate all flooring types, add-ons, and labor
  2. Measure efficiently with a Disto laser
  3. Assign and refigure products instantly
  4. Generate seam diagrams, cut sheets, and quotes on the spot
iOS 9 up
iPad 3 up and iPhone 5/6 up
Android 6 up
Android phones (in beta release)
Laser Compatible
Leica E7100i, D1, D2 with Bluetooth; MeasureSquare Laser MS-700B; Bosch 100 and 100C