Case Study: Midwest Flooring

Midwest Flooring, Oklahoma City, OK (Lowe's Installer)

1. We got permission from the FSM (Field Service Manager) to deploy FloorLink to their store associates.

2. Huge time saver. We use Floorlink as a means of communication. The stores used to email, call AND or fax us each time a detail or job sold, product came in, additional phone #'s etc. All of our faxes come electronically so this meant we would have 100+ emails a day and even more on Mondays. Now all they have to do is document the Event History which generates an email to us, now when we get the email of the notification we go to the file, change the status and proceed. We used to get multiple faxes, emails etc advising product is in and ready, eta's sale notification etc. Drastically cut down on our email/fax inbox. Also, the details are automatically uploaded so all we have to do is go in and change status and assign to detailers. The store has real time access to all detail/job status' and scheduled dates which means no more phone calls/emails asking for updates. Even bigger cost saver. We no longer print and fax details, it's all done electronically. The money savings on paper and ink makes up most if not all of the monthly fee of MeasureSquare. The details and jobs are automatically uploaded, the detail is completed and emailed through FloorLink to the store. The Lead assessment is uploaded as a PDF and the stores print them out of the job file.

3. One of our managers made an appt with each store and went in and did a small training/get to know FloorLink session. This did take some time getting everyone used to the fact of no more paper faxes/scanned emails. When they would send a request asking for updates or send paperwork that we already have I would send a reply letting them know we already had it and reminding them to check Floorlink first before sending. When they would call I would ask them if they had checked FloorLink, I would have them login and look it up as I was looking it up instead of just giving them the answer. On more than one occasion I heard it was easier to call and ask than it was to look it up themselves. However, it was just a change and once everyone got used to it they have found that it's a huge timesaver for them as well.

4. All completed details are sent via email through FloorLink. If there is a Lead Assessment with the detail they pull that up in documents and print it themselves. The stores keep a window open on their computer with Floorlink logged in since it doesn't time you out throughout the day and they check it every morning for updates as they are working their order management screens and also periodically throughout the day. They also use the Event Log for all communication regarding a customer. If the product is in and ready to schedule, if it's SOS, if there's additional phone #'s, if the customer needs to reschedule etc. They like it because no entry can be deleted in the Event History so if they put notification in it's there to stay and it serves as their fax confirmation/email for proof we were notified to ensure timelines are met.

Hope this helps.

Cheryl, Mid West Flooring