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Case Studies

Flooring Liquidators, CA (Retail)

  • At Flooring Liquidators we have sales members and installers that measure throughout California. What we were looking for was a way to easily share these measurements with everyone from the installers, warehouse personnel to the scheduling department. We tried Measure Square software, looking for a simple and quick way to get measures into our system and we have been extremely impressed with the results.

    It is ease of use has been the real surprise. We knew the tech savvy sales members would be willing to adopt it, but even the guys that usually shy away from tech have embraced it, it is that easy to use.

    Now we have achieved what we were looking for.

    Steve Kellogg, Owner, Flooring Liquidators, Inc.

Midwest Flooring, Oklahoma City, OK (Lowe's Installer)

1. We got permission from the FSM (Field Service Manager) to deploy FloorLink to their store associates.

2. Huge time saver. We use Floorlink as a means of communication. The stores used to email, call AND or fax us each time a detail or job sold, product came in, additional phone #'s etc. All of our faxes come electronically so this meant we would have 100+ emails a day and even more on Mondays. Now all they have to do is document the Event History which generates an email to us, now when we get the email of the notification we go to the file, change the status and proceed. We used to get multiple faxes, emails etc advising product is in and ready, eta's sale notification etc. Drastically cut down on our email/fax inbox. Also, the details are automatically uploaded so all we have to do is go in and change status and assign to detailers. The store has real time access to all detail/job status' and scheduled dates which means no more phone calls/emails asking for updates. Even bigger cost saver. We no longer print and fax details, it's all done electronically. The money savings on paper and ink makes up most if not all of the monthly fee of MeasureSquare. The details and jobs are automatically uploaded, the detail is completed and emailed through FloorLink to the store. The Lead assessment is uploaded as a PDF and the stores print them out of the job file.

3. One of our managers made an appt with each store and went in and did a small training/get to know FloorLink session. This did take some time getting everyone used to the fact of no more paper faxes/scanned emails. When they would send a request asking for updates or send paperwork that we already have I would send a reply letting them know we already had it and reminding them to check Floorlink first before sending. When they would call I would ask them if they had checked FloorLink, I would have them login and look it up as I was looking it up instead of just giving them the answer. On more than one occasion I heard it was easier to call and ask than it was to look it up themselves. However, it was just a change and once everyone got used to it they have found that it's a huge timesaver for them as well.

4. All completed details are sent via email through FloorLink. If there is a Lead Assessment with the detail they pull that up in documents and print it themselves. The stores keep a window open on their computer with Floorlink logged in since it doesn't time you out throughout the day and they check it every morning for updates as they are working their order management screens and also periodically throughout the day. They also use the Event Log for all communication regarding a customer. If the product is in and ready to schedule, if it's SOS, if there's additional phone #'s, if the customer needs to reschedule etc. They like it because no entry can be deleted in the Event History so if they put notification in it's there to stay and it serves as their fax confirmation/email for proof we were notified to ensure timelines are met.

Hope this helps.

Cheryl, Mid West Flooring


Allied Installers, Cleveland, OH (Lowe's Installer)

We use measure square specifically because it links with the Lowe's ISST program. We can deliver a finished product that is both professioanlly done and delivered to the store in the correct format for easy purchase by our Lowe's customers.

The benefits to using measure square are many:

  1. Delivering a clear estimate that all of our Lowe's customers can read and identify with certainly helps in selling details. customers appreciate the professional manner it which we are able to do our details.
  2. Cuts down on paperwork. everything we have is stored in our database and anyone in our office can retreive plans, discuss layouts, and forward any specifics to any store from their desktop.
  3. As you gain more experience with measure square, you become quicker at it. there is so much to learn with the program, once you gain some traction with it, you begin to see how much more of a benefit measure square is.
  4.  Makes difficult computations simple. from triple border ceramics to multiple pattern matches in different carpets, measure square computes them in less than 2 seconds. truly a time savor in computations!

With the growing technology in today's world, I do not see how anyone in the flooring business today would be able to function effectively without a top notch measure program.
measure square is definitely that!

Michael Suppo
Allied Installers


Sample Customers

Commercial Contractors

  • Acousti, America's Floor Source, BT Mancini, Bonitz, JP Flooring, Rite Rug, Sherwin Williams, Beatty Floors (CAN), Jordan's (CAN), Lawson's Commercial Flooring (AU)

Multi-family Contractors

Arbor Carpet, Redi Carpet, Floor Essence, Sherwin Williams FC, Star Floors, National Tile (AU)

Retail Stores

Flooring Liquidators, America's Finest Carpet, Floor Source, Floor Coverings International, R.C. Willey, Divine Hardwood (CAN), Nu Floors (CAN), Choices Flooring (AU), Carpet Court (AU)

Lowe's Installers

  • Ultimate Home Services, Floor Installers of Texas, Legacy Flooring, MidWest Flooring, A & S Floors


Retail Flooring Dealers
  • Bob Garcia - Project Estimator/Manager, TX "I've been a customer of yours for years and a happy one too.
    I have landed several multi-family new constructions, as well as commercial, with your product. For a long time, I was doing measurements for both Lowe's and Home Depot. They were impressed with the drawings and measurements. Thank you so much for this software."
  • Joe Crivello - CEO, Great American Floors, CO "Floor Estimate Pro 5 is an outstanding software program. I have been in the flooring business for over 10 years and have never seen such an easy-to-use program. This program will help me hire more sales people with very little training. I can now measure a customer's home and have a diagram of the flooring the customer chooses in minutes, showing all the seams if the product is carpet, showing hardwood or tile layouts, and printing an estimate all in the time it used to take me to just measure and figure seams, etc. I estimate my productivity will more than double."
  • Roy Wescott, Jr. - Co/Owner, Manteo Furniture Company "I just LOVE this program. I can easily measure a house and figure the carpet, but I could NEVER present it to the customer this way. Showing the cuts and layout gives them more faith that all is honest.

    Once again, I thank you. Carpet estimators should look into this program no matter how long they have been measuring. The presentation is worth the price. I started selling carpet 37 years ago. I believe I would be considered knowledgeable."
  • Sheldon Fortenberry - Carpet Direct, CO "I have looked at all the software available for measuring floor surfaces and FloorEstimate Pro is by far the most accurate and easiest to use. Their technical support and willingness to make modifications is second to none."
  • Ann Abbott - Roy's Estimating Services, NY "As a professional carpet estimator with over 20 years experience, I can attest to the speed and accuracy of the Floor Estimate Pro. The ability to visually describe the layout and room seaming of a job is a tremendous advantage when closing a sale. This product is certainly worth its weight in gold."
  • Adam Youdelman - Creation Carpets & Blinds of Phoenix, AZ "I want to let you know how helpful you and your staff have been over the past two years. I started my business just a few weeks prior to purchasing your FloorEstimate Pro software and every time I have had a question or a problem you have always taken the time to help me resolve them. I feel that your program has been and continues to be one of the key elements in my business that has helped me to become successful in the flooring industry. I am very pleased with the investment that I have made in you and your company."
  • David Somerville - American Flooring Concept, SC "FloorEstimate Pro is the most professional, valuable, and outstanding tool ever made in the flooring industry!"
  • Roy Lipman - Installer, NY "For the price of FloorEstimate Pro, I turned my weak estimating skills into that of a strong pro within two weeks, thanks!!"
  • Tim Steffen - Steffen Furniture, IA "It double checks for estimates, makes sure quantities are right, and eliminates lots of mistakes. I show it around customers with different materials and it saves me lots of time"
  • Larry Noser - Discount Flooring Brokers, AZ "We've used it for three years and I am very happy with it. It is so simple to use and really works by taking math errors out and getting a printout of cuts to installers: no argument for material."
  • Ike Miller - Gainesville Flooring, FL "I tried the trial version of FloorEstimate Pro and was amazed! It has everything I need and is so simple and fast!"
  • William David - Flooring America, MD "This is a great estimating tool. I can show it in front of customers and it looks really professional. It really helps me close deals and my boss is thinking of getting one for every sales rep."
  • John - Excellence Flooring, CA "FloorEstimate Pro is so easy to use: I was able to complete a two story house plan on the first days of using the product!"
  • Art Travis - Floor Covering Int'l, CA "The program is very intuitive, simple to use, and creates lots of efficiency by reducing waste factor and the necessity to draw a diagram by hand."
  • Steven Keilholz - Keilholz Flooring, PA "FEP sells lots of jobs for me because it speeds up the time and if a customer is in front of me, I can instantly show him how much material they need and where the seam goes, improving conversion rate by 30%."
  • Dave - Floor Estimator, CO "I use your program every day and love it. Saves me tons of time. I just want to help make this great program become the greatest."
  • Ted Under - Quality Floor Covering, TN "FEP is so user friendly. I found myself creating flooring diagrams within 10 minutes of receiving the download! And I had NEVER created a floor diagram from a software tool before."
  • Jamie Pasek - Custom Interior, KS "I have been very impressed with the online demo and follow-up you have provided through my trial period of FloorEstimate Pro. I really like the product and appreciated the opportunity to try it out before buying."

Multi-family flooring Contractors
  • Andrew Love - Australia National Tile. "Our company was looking for a new estimating program to help us service two of the top three major domestic builders in Victoria. We were looking for a program that would meet our high expectations. FEP ticked every box.

    1. Easy file saving.
    2. Accessibility of files on alternative computers.
    3. Visually clear.
    4. Accurate estimating.
    5. Adequate support.
    6. User Friendly.
    7. Large time and cost savings.
    8. Possibility to tailor program to our needs within reason.

    We found FEP to meet the above requirements during testing and decided to purchase 16 licenses. Although we have recently purchased FEP we believe the program will be an integral part to the success of our business. Any issues were addressed quickly and efficiently, we even had some requests to have some changes written into the program: this was dealt with effortlessly and with precision.

    Our previous estimating program had various restrictions and reduced our productivity. FEP has given us more freedom and is completely user friendly.

    Over all it has been a good business decision to purchase FEP and we continue to enjoy good communication and support with Nigel, who has been very helpful during this whole process."

  • Aaron - Carpet Wagon, CA "Unbelievable! I've been in the flooring business for almost 25 years and I have never received such outstanding customer service!"
  • Ed Schneider - About Floors & More, FL "As a flooring contractor with 10 years experience in the industry, I think you have a surprisingly good and effective flooring layout and estimation product! It totally blows others away!"

Commercial flooring contractors
  • Richard Sees -- Sees Flooring
  • We have been using measure Square for approximately two years now and every time we have a problem you respond immediately, bearing in mind that we live on the other side of the world and with time difference.

    We are a commercial flooring company that works on various size projects -- ie housing, hospitals and schools. Some of our housing projects could range from 20 up to 300 apartments or houses, with several types of materials involved. But no matter what the task, this software is more than capable.

    Occasionally project surveyors want detailed plot-by-plot measurements, which in turn entails room-by-room pricing. We would not be able to achieve the volume we have to cover without Measure Square and be 100% confident of the accuracy .

    I would just like to say that both your software and your technical support are superb.

  • Christopher Rogers - Executive Vice-President, EF Marburger, IN "We are very pleased with Measure Square software and would recommend it to others. We find the product to be very user friendly. All of our staff is self-taught and we are constantly helping each other with new features or steps.

    It is a major time saver for estimating. It allows us to provide top-notch, color-coded field drawings with to improve the success rate of project installs. Being able to pick-up where you left-off reduces down time. When we have questions, the technical support is good.

    We are pleased with the software and encourage those contemplating Measure Square to strongly consider it. ".
  • Tim - Floor Renditions, AZ "After using another floor estimating program without much success, I found FloorEstimate Pro on the Internet, and much to my surprise I was able to complete two drawings in about an hour! My client was very happy to receive the floor plan and carpet layout, and their professional look was a direct result of FEP. Thanks for an easy-to-use product that produces professional results!"

  • Brad Varty - VHF Commercial, BC, Canada "FloorEstimate Pro cuts my estimation time by 70%, so I can work on more jobs. The blueprint import feature is unbelievable amd makes my life, as well as my designer and contractor's, much easier, as I can takeoff directly from a scanned plan. I am almost running a paperless store."
  • Dave Somerville - American Flooring Concepts, SC "I am the Sales Manager of American Flooring Concepts and we have been using FEP on a daily basis. It saves time and money: we go to the field and do the measurement, put it on a computer, and print a professional diagram to give to the installer. In today's world, computer generated diagrams have an edge".
  • Mike Carriere - Floor Covering International, Canada "My experience with Floor Estimate Pro has been nothing but positive. Trying to bring the old school pencil pushers into the computer age has never been easier. With this program we save countless hours a job just by being able to change totals around with a click of a mouse. New construction houses sometimes require calculating the material a few times during the selection process and this program makes our lives and jobs so much easier. Having a good product is one thing but what I'm impressed with is the service and support that I've received. Emails are answered almost immediately. What made me decide to buy this product was a Sunday afternoon a long time ago, when I found and had a question, so I called to leave a message for someone to get back to me and to my surprise Steven was in a meeting that day and answered the phone. No multi level tiers of people to go through. The people that created the software are selling the software so I knew that I would be treated right. Thanks everyone and keep up the great work."
  • Jim Decker - House of Carpets, IA "This is a fantastic item. My company bought four of them, plus the Desktop version: absolutely incredible. I have worked with FloorRight and this is easier and the fact one can carry in their hand is great. I have been doing this business for 35 years, hate to admit it, and already have seen a savings figuring certain jobs over hand figuring. Mostly when one has a list of 10 or more areas it has happened that one is not added to the list, only reason I've ever been short, this prevents that error."

Lowe's flooring Installers
  • Michael Suppo - President, Allied Installers, OH "We use MeasureSquare specifically because it links with the lowe's ISST program. We can deliver a finished product that is both professionally done and delivered to the store in the correct format for easy purchase by our lowe's customers.

    The benefits to using MeasureSquare are many:

    1. Delivering a clear estimate that all of our lowe's customers can read and identify with certainly helps in selling details. Customers appreciate the professional manner in which we are able to do our details
    2. Cuts down on paperwork. Everything we have is stored in our database and anyone in our office can retrieve plans, discuss layouts, and forward any specifics to any store from their desktop.
    3. As you gain more experience with MeasureSquare, you become quicker at it. There is so much to learn with the program: once you gain some traction with it, you begin to see how much more of a benefit MeasureSquare is.
    4. Makes difficult computations simple. From triple border ceramics to multiple pattern matches in different carpets, MeasureSquare computes them in less than 2 seconds. Truly a timesaver in computations!

    With the growing technology in today's world, I do not see how anyone in the flooring business today would be able to function effectively without a top notch measure program. MeasureSquare is definitely that!"
  • Harry - A G Flooring, CA "Very good product and very good support! We have been counting on the web version of FloorEstimate Pro to prepare estimates and bids for 13 Lowes' stores EVERYDAY!"
  • Nola Plumb - Flooring Dr, TX, GA  "I have 6 estimators out in the field using FloorEstimate Pro to prepare sales estimate ISST forms for local Lowes' stores and Sears stores, it works great!"
  • Dede - Beno's Flooring, NV  "We love the program and even recommended it to all our friendly installers for Lowes stores"