MeasureSquare Commercial Cleaning Edition (on Windows 7/8)

For commercial cleaning contractors with commercial buildings


Key features that boost takeoff estimating efficiency

  • Set up MeasureSquare software with predefined surface types and traffic patterns database
  • Step 1: Import building  floorplan and setup takeoff scale
  • Step 2: Trace and takeoff room areas by surface types and traffic patterns
  • Step 3: Drag and drop color coded items to specify surface types and  traffic patterns to room areas
  • Step 4: Tap to Estimate tab to calculate SF quantities
  • Step 5: Move to worksheet to find all estimation data, print or export to Excel
  • View estimate data by rooms, print or export to Excel
  • Step 6: Color coded floorplan printout with surface type and traffic pattern  legend
  • Report printout: estimation summary
  • Report printout: 3D View of color-coded floor diagram

System Requirements

Windows 7, 8 Professional 64bit
Min. 4 GB DRAM or SDRAM, 500 GB Disk
Screen Size
20" or bigger, or dual screens for desktop PCs
Intel i5 up processor


No Up-Front Cost
$149 /user/month
Quarterly new feature updates
Tech Support
Phone & email support included
Ask for volume discount
No Contract
Add or reduce licenses as you go. Stop any time.
Subscribe $149/mo.
Special Features
  1. Measure onsite or plan import from PDF/CAD file import
  2. Measure takeoff different flooring type area (carpet, vinyl, tile, wood, stone, etc.) for any commercial or residential buildings
  3. Handles different traffic types: heavy, medium and light
  4. Calculate SF qty for each type of flooring and traffic patterns accurately
  5. Generate an estimate worksheet and color-coded floor diagram report instantly
  6. Export to spreadsheet Excel file or print to a PDF file

Training Options

Class at office
Web session with a live trainer, good for a small group
Classes offered each month at our Pasadena headquarter
Custom training agenda and trainer travels to your office
... class schedules and cost

Deployment Planning

  1. Review your objective to achieve: accurate estimate, presenting installation mishap, employment skill development, sales conversion improvement, etc.
  2. Start a pilot project with a tech savvy staff with a trial
  3. Invest in systematic training at beginning
  4. Set graduate adoption dates for full operation

Technical Support

If used in office desktop and showroom:

- Windows 7 or 8 Professional 64bits OS for desktops or laptops

- 20" screens and faster Intel i5 up processor, dual screens from professional commercial contractors

New 2015 videos to be updated soon.

Previous video clips:

Classes Description Videos and Instructions
C-101 Introduction to COMMERCIAL edition, course roadmap  
C-201 System setup
C-202 Product and services database setup
  • C-301 Start a project:
    material schedule setup
    C-301 Plan import and scale setup
    C-401 Plan takeoff
    Freedraw introduction ( )
    Use Freedraw tool to takeoff the blueprint ( )
    Align room area ( )
    Takeoff doorway ( )
    Takeoff stairway ( )
    Floor divide ( )
    Handwriting/notes ( )
    Room embedding (   new!)
    Room takeoff with floor split (   new!)
    Create floor insets (   new!)
    L-shape stairway and landing (   new!)
    C-402 Product assignment
    Assign areal products ( )
    Assign linear product to wall base  and assign Carpet and Tile product to wall base ( )
    Set flash cove (self-coving) of room(s) ( )
    Assign EA products to rooms ( )
    Assign products to stairway ( )
    Assign transition to the doorway ( )
    Assign product to wall (show and hide walls of room) ( )
    Assign tile pattern ( )
    Border design ( )
    Remove assignment ( )
    3D view ( )
    Tile replacement designer (   new!)
    Design wall sections (   new!)
    Copy/paste room profile (   new!)
    Copy/paste wall profile (   new!)
    Set duplicated rooms (   new!)
    Set duplicated layers (   new!)
    Tile pattern editor (   new!)
    Match pattern across rooms (   new!)
    C-403 Layout and estimating
    Estimate ribbon introduction ( )
    Estimate by layer ( )
    Seam manipulation ( )
    Cut sheet manipulation ( )
    Manipulate stairway cuts ( )
    Open cut sheet window into a separate window ( )
    Pattern carpet cut layout ( new!)
    Optional pattern carpet layout ( new!)
    Advanced cut options ( new!)
    C-501 Handling estimate data and worksheet
    Introduction to worksheet  ( )
    Add items and project level items in worksheet  ( )
    Worksheet printout and export  ( )
    Worksheet conversion to order forms ( )
    C-502 Generate quotation, and other forms
    Generate quotation ( )
    C-503 Print out report  
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