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WaterMit: The Complete Field Solution for Scoping and Tracking Water Damage Claims on iPad

Streamline water restoration process scientifically with accurate job estimate based on IICRC S500 standard

Quick and accurate scope to win a job or to settle with carrier adjusters.

Easily create a floor plan with damaged areas and scope, automatic calculation of efficient device/capacity placement and usages (Air movers, Dehus and other Equipment)

Monitor and capture daily psychrometric readings with instant graphings of the drying process

Contact/Inquiry: watermit@measuresquare.com Platforms Available: iPad 4 and up models, iOS 10 and up.

Measure floorplan, select products and share the view to customers over web viewer link

Step 1: Measure onsite and lay out floorplan and assess water source, category and flooded areas

Layout floor plan (room/wall sizes) with water trace, airflow connection chambers, doors and windows

Assess and enter water source, loss category, damage class, affected rate

Measure floorplan and room damage assessment

Step 2: Automatic device placement calculation and selection (AM, Dehus) based on IICRC S500

Drag and drop devices as needed to adjust initial setup

Start or stop device running status

Step 2: Drying device assignment

Step 3: Track daily drying parameters, report upon completion with billing records

Enter daily moisture readings at each area (affected and non-affected)

Adjust device locations and airflow as needed

Generate status report and integrate with 3rd applications through API

Drying dashboard

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