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Get Your Money's Worth!

We know your business will improve with our software. Keep in mind that thousands of companies use our technology every day.

Features and Benefits

  • Improved takeoff efficieny
  • Sophisticated bid preparation
  • Professional presentations to clients
  • Team collaboration
  • Quick and effective training for new hires
  • Better Installation and logistics

To put things into perspective, the time savings alone will move the needle for your business. Here’s a look:

A Sample Comparison

Project Size
A medical center with 4,350 SF floor and 25 rooms, with carpet, sheet vinyl, ceramic tile on floor, self coving and wall base on wall, stack of ceramic tiles on walls ( Sample Medical Center Plan (1.5 MB) )
Product Setup
15 min with software vs 0 with manual
Floor Takeoff
15 min with software vs 60 min with manual
Wall Takeff
15 min with software vs 60 min with manual
Seam layout
5 min with software vs 30 min with manual
Cutsheet layout
5 min software vs 30 min manual
Bid preparation
10 min software vs 30 min manual
Diagram report
5 min software vs 30 min manual
55 min software vs 240 min manual takeoff

Great, right? Definitely. So the next step is to learn more about the software, such as with a demo or a consultation.

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