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FSDE Data Specification

Integration with management system software

  • FSDE is a standard way of transferring customer information between floor covering software packages. It means that different software programs (for example, estimating software and business management software) are compatible with one another.
  • Software companies that choose to support these types of technologies are normally said to be "open systems". Open software systems give the user the ability to pick and choose from among the best software in the industry. Software packages that don't support industry standards (B2B or FSDE) are normally said to be "closed" or "proprietary systems".
  • A popular business strategy for companies selling closed systems include forcing the current customer base to purchase additional products they sell. These companies typically sell various types of software packages. The philosphy is that they can increase sales and profits by making their software only compatible with other products of the same brand, and thus users are forced to purchase all of their products through their company
  • In contrast, those companies who are FSDE compatible feel customers should be able to choose the best system for their needs. They feel confident that their product(s) can stand on its own merits rather than being forced upon the customer. FSDE empowers customers and helps improve the quality of industry software. All FSDE products are compatible one with another.